An eco resort on Dominica pioneering sustainability

An environmental pioneer on Dominica, our eco-resort built the island’s first wind turbine and founded the nation’s sea turtle conservation program. This program has changed the culture of Dominica, saved hundreds of endangered sea turtles and earned a Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award.

Powered by wind and solar energy

  • A 225 kW wind turbine, one of the largest in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, together with more than 200 solar panels power our Dominica eco resort.
  • Solar energy heats the hot water used throughout the resort.
  • Water is sourced from a nearby spring and purified with a UV water filtration system.

Saving endangered sea turtles

Rosalie Bay partnered with WIDECAST (Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Network) and other organizations to establish a sea turtle conservation program on Dominica. This successful effort began on our black sand beach and is now island-wide, and has significantly increased the survival rate of Leatherback, Green and Hawksbill sea turtles.

Local and sustainable

Rosalie Bay was originally built by hand by locals using sustainable and recyclable materials, such as LED lights, chairs made from recycled milk jugs and sustainably produced cotton sheets. Today, our eco-resort continues to be a major source of employment for local villagers and supporter of local businesses on Dominica.

  • Hand carved furniture – Talented island artisans hand carved wood into the beautiful furniture found in our rooms, suites and offices.
  • Artwork – Artists in Roseau created our Batik artwork.
  • Gift shop – Island crafters create handmade gifts in our boutique.
  • Local produce – Local fishermen and farmers supply ingredients for our restaurant, which also uses fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables grown in our organic garden.