Explore the Nature Island with our Dominica tours

With volcanic peaks, lush rainforests, rugged coasts, clear waterfalls and 365 rivers, Dominica truly lives up to its name as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Explore on land and sea, with our Dominica tours and local hikes.

Guided tours, excursions and activities

From adventure to culture, we have hand-selected a variety of tours, excursions and activities for you to choose from for your Dominica vacation. Itineraries are based on our staff’s intimate knowledge of their island home and designed to share with you the best of what the Nature Island has to offer.

Each tour arranged by Rosalie Bay is hosted by a professional guide and driver to ensure a high-quality experience. Our tour guides are experienced and have been hosting hikes and tours for more than a decade on Dominica.


Victoria Falls & Glassy Bay


The trail to the waterfalls begins at the edge of the White River. Five river crossings, a stunning waterfall and breathtaking views of the ocean await on this full day tour.

Emerald Pool, Kalinago Village & Spanny Falls


Hike under the rainforest canopy to a cascading waterfall and shimmering pool, tinted a spectacular emerald green by the sun's rays filtering through the lush tropical foliage. Enjoy an invigorating soak, and swim right up to the waterfall.


Middleham Falls & Fresh Water Lake


Are you ready for a full day of rainforest hiking? Enjoy a chilly dip after hiking through the canopy-covered rainforest followed by a visit to the largest lake on Dominica at more than 2,500 feet above sea level.


Champagne Reef, Soufriere & Scott's Head


An underwater hot spring sends air bubbles to the surface for a fun swim in Champagne Reef. View where the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, and relax in a hot bath in the sulphur springs.


Sari Sari Falls & Glassy Bay


The journey to Sari Sari Falls is what you dream about when you envision a raw, in-your-face tropical jungle experience — full of adventure for the intrepid hiker that is looking for a close encounter of the rainforest kind.


Boiling Lake


An invigorating three-hour hike takes you into the heart of the dense tropical forest of Dominica, crossing small streams, through the Valley of Desolation, past waterfalls and pools to the World’s second largest boiling lake.


Mero Beach & Rum Factory


Venture to the Caribbean side of Dominica to explore a beautiful half-mile long black sand beach followed by a tour of the oldest rum factory on island. Enjoy a picnic lunch or eat at a restaurant in town.


Roseau, Botanical Gardens & Trafalgar Falls


Get a taste of many Dominican highlights; the capital city, public markets, rainforest, waterfalls, hot springs and rum. Wander among the beauty of the Botanical Gardens and finish with a short hike to twin waterfalls.


A la carte: Private Tours, Excursions & Activities

In addition to our daily schedule of tours, we offer several specialized adventures that many of our guests are excited to experience. Our tours are scheduled for convenience and to keep the cost as low as possible for each of our guests.