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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Principles of Yoga

Weekly tips to bring island-inspired wellness into your everyday life from Rosalie Bay Resort wellness coordinator Laura Lund.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis, even while on vacation, has many benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

Learn more below and join us for one of our daily yoga classes to reap the benefits during your vacation at Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica.

  1. Proper relaxation
    We all carry around more tension than we realize. Proper relaxation allows us to fully relax the muscles and mind, which revitalizes the nervous system and helps us make more efficient use of our energy.
  2. Proper exercise
    In yoga, proper exercise is achieved through yoga postures called asanas. These systematically work all parts of the body. The body is built to move and be active. Through yoga asana, we bend, stretch, flex and twist to keep the muscles and joints toned, strong and flexible, and help to maintain a supple spine. This has many physiological benefits including better sleep, less stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure.
  3. Proper breathing
    There are many techniques used in yoga to control the breath. However, on the most basic level, proper breathing is a full, deep, rhythmical breath. This is calming to the nervous system, the mind and helps regulate energy.
  4. Proper diet
    Food is fuel for our body. A proper yoga diet includes plenty of whole foods, vegetables, fruits, grains and eating in a moderate and mindful way to nourish the body. Get proper fuel for your body with our healthy menu items at Zamaan restaurant.
  5. Positive thinking and meditation
    Keeping our thoughts positive affects us in all aspects of our life and allows us to live more soulfully. Taking time to meditate brings peace to the mind and body. Try walking our labyrinth or taking one of our silent walks with a beach meditation.

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  1. I had to have some dental work done yesterday…and I am a big baby about that stuff…so while the drill was going I took myself back to Rosalie Bay…specifically the sound of the ocean waves as I did yoga in the pavilion with Laura. It’s my new peaceful memory! Thanks so much for helping me get though a tough few minutes…

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