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Summer Sea Turtle Encounters

Our most popular “guests” continue to visit this summer. Here’s the latest news since our last sea turtle update.

In June and July, 12 Leatherback turtles came ashore and three nested, and four Green sea turtles visited and one nested. This brings this year’s nest count to 24 so far – 19 Leatherback and 5 Green sea turtles nests. Three Hawksbill turtles also came ashore, but there are no nests yet.

Also in June and July, hatchlings continue to emerge from their nests and race out to sea. On July 8, many guests and volunteers looked on as 86 energetic and wiggly Leatherback hatchlings emerged to head to the Atlantic Ocean. Seventeen additional sea turtles were rescued during the nest excavation. The following day 33 Leatherback hatchlings emerged.

In more recent turtle news, two Green sea turtles nested on August 14 and their hatchlings are expected to emerge at the end of October.

Have you experienced sea turtles nesting and hatching at Rosalie Bay Resort yet? Here is what one guest thought, “Most amazing experience of my life. Incredible. Simon was a fantastic guide. Thank you for allowing me to experience this once in a lifetime moment. Will remember this forever.”

You still have a chance to witness the sea turtles this season. Turtles will continue to visit and hatch at Rosalie Bay Resort until early fall. If you plan on visiting us during sea turtle season, make sure to sign up for the turtle educational walk along the beach with Simon and our “wake up call” to not miss these special creatures.

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