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Discovering a new trail with Oscar

Guests who have visited our Dominica luxury hotel know what a wealth of local knowledge (Papa) Oscar is about Dominica. From adventurous hikes to local cuisine and culture, he’s a fantastic source.

So when Oscar recently decided to try out a new hike, guests jumped at the chance.

Oscar and Beverly first discovered the trail a while ago when seeking out a local beekeeper about a tour. As they drove along the quiet road, the two, who enjoy active pursuits, discussed how it would make a great hike. While the trail was narrow for a vehicle, it’s perfect for walking.

Last week, Oscar decided it was time to try this trail. Four guests, a couple from Martinique and a couple from NY in the US, joined Wellness Coordinator Laura and Oscar on the adventure. The hike began in the village of Riviere Cyrique and ended in Frayal, but the group extended the hike and walked back to Rosalie Bay Resort.

The 2.5 hour trek weaves through fruit trees, banana farms and along two valleys with views of mountains in the distance. At one point, the hikers could see the turbine and shoreline of Rosalie Bay Resort. One of the guests described it as being “emerged in nature.” Photos from their adventure are below.

This off-the-beaten path hike will soon be available at exclusively at Rosalie Bay Resort, and may include a stop at the beekeeper for a honey tour.

To learn more about this unique Dominica vacation experience and more about Dominica, find Oscar on your next visit and sit down for a chat.


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