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Wellness Wednesday: Enhance Your Balance

Weekly tips to bring island-inspired wellness into your everyday life from Rosalie Bay Resort wellness coordinator Laura Lund.

We’ve all heard it gets harder to balance as we age, yet the more we practice the easier it gets. But does it have to decline at all?

Yesterday I spent the day balancing on an intense hike to Boiling Lake, popular hike for adventure travelers to Dominica. The trail was steep and full of slippery rocks, and foot placement was critically important. By the end of 7 miles my legs were shaking and my feet were cramping. This morning my muscles were stiff and sore.

Tree Pose, Yoga, Rosalie Bay Resort, DominicaHowever, it turns out hiking is one of the best ways to improve balance. Our tour guide Jonathon, is 52 and can hop from rock to slippery rock without faltering (he has done this hike 75 times).

Working out consistently will keep you energetic and stable. Join a yoga or Tai Chi class, walk instead of ride, and take the stairs. Keep your legs, core, and buttocks firm. Practice balancing.

I recommend practicing the tree pose (which our spa therapists, Ayshia on left and Joyce demonstrate here) while brushing your teeth. With both feet facing forward turn one leg out and bring your foot into the opposite groin pressing it firmly into your leg. Keep your hips level and the knee in line with the hips. With regular practice you can keep your balance steady and strong!

You can also practice during your vacation here at our wellness resort. Join me for complimentary yoga classes, power walks and coastal nature hike.

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