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Looking for a new hike to a secluded grotto to have all to yourself? We invite you to hike to nearby Dernier Falls, located in the village of Grand Fond next to Rosalie Bay Resort.

Wellness Coordinator Laura Lund and Steve Bennett of Uncommon Caribbean discovered the hike to Dernier Falls rewards travelers with a waterfall and grotto that you’ll most likely have all to yourselves.

To get to the trail, you walk to nearby Grand Fond (a 30 minute journey, and the same path that you take if you’ve joined Laura for her morning power walks to the village). Alternatively, if you’ve already done the power walk with Laura, you can be driven and dropped off at the trail head.

The trail head begins in the village and can take between 30 minutes to an hour to get down to the falls, depending on trail conditions, and 30 minutes to hike back out. The hike is for intermediate to advance hikers, and a local guide or resort staff member is recommended to accompany you to ensure you stay on the trail.

Laura returned to the trail earlier this week with guest Erin Mann. Along the way, the two met local 16-year-old Chad Darius Phillip who was spearfishing crawfish at the river near the falls and who also is the brother of the twins that work in maintenance at Rosalie Bay.

Erin and Laura took an hour to get to the falls, and with Chad guiding the way out, took only 30 minutes on the return. Below are photos from their recent trip. Check out more photos and hear a first-hand experience about the inaugural hike to Denier Falls on Uncommon Caribbean.

Interested in discovering this nearby trail and tranquil grotto? The hike to Dernier Falls is offered every Tuesday morning in our weekly tour schedule.

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