Wellness Wednesday: Cocoa for the New Year

A Natural Body Glow for the New Year Do your resolutions for the New Year include taking better care of your skin to attain that natural, healthy glow? Indulge in cocoa and let your skin reap the rewards. Grown locally in Dominica, cocoa’s active minerals and antioxidants offer countless benefits for your skin and heart. Benefits […]

A Wellness Wednesday Christmas Tradition: Sorrel Juice

Merry Christmas Eve! Every Christmas, guests and locals of Dominica enjoy the fresh taste and health benefits of sorrel juice. Grown on the island, the red and purple flowers of the sorrel plant bloom once a year during the holiday season. Boiled with spice and ginger, fresh sorrel juice is one delicious Christmas tradition. Not […]

Wellness Wednesday: Shining Light on the Benefits of the Sun

Recharge your batteries with the sun At our eco-resort, we utilize the power of the sun to create energy via our solar panels, but what power does the sun have on our well-being? On Dominica, one of nature’s blessings is natural sunlight. Exposure to sunlight in moderation can help you recharge your batteries.* Soak in the rays and the benefits […]

Wellness Wednesday: Watermelon

On a warm day on Dominica, watermelon is the perfect snack to stay hydrated while enjoying the outdoor beauty of the Nature Island. Not only is the fruit refreshing, it is also considered a nutrient-dense food that provides a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a low amount of calories. When consumed as part of a healthy […]