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Wellness Wednesday

A Wellness Wednesday Christmas Tradition: Sorrel Juice

Merry Christmas Eve!
Every Christmas, guests and locals of Dominica enjoy the fresh taste and health benefits of sorrel juice. Grown on the island, the red and purple flowers of the sorrel plant bloom once a year during the holiday season. Boiled with spice and ginger, fresh sorrel juice is one delicious Christmas tradition.
Not only is this refreshing beverage festive, but it also packs many health benefits.
Sorrel Juice, Rosalie Bay ResortRosalie Bay Resort Waitress Emerle serves refreshing sorrel juice.

 Health Benefits of Sorrel Juice

  • Offers high levels of antioxidants to reduce blood pressure
  • Quenches thirst as an alternative to sports drinks
  • Fights colds and flu with its source of Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and mild anti-bacterial properties
  • Naturally boosts the immune system
Chef Seraphine prepares this drink for our guests to enjoy every year at Zamaan Restaurant.
Be sure to request a glass of sorrel juice the next you visit Rosalie Bay.

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