Carnival in Dominica!

It is officially the most festive season on the Nature Island! Known as The Real Mas, Dominica’s 2015 Carnival theme is “Se Lavi Nou.” “It behoves us then to embrace our cultural tradition, take control of our lives, live responsibly, [and] build on the positive around us.” – Robert Tonge, Hon. Minister for Tourism and […]

Study Abroad: Biology Students Visit Dominica

Rosalie Bay Resort recently hosted students from the Principia College in Illinois while on their trip to the Nature Island to study biology and conservation. Students Visit Rosalie Bay The study abroad trip was arranged by biology professors Dr. Scott A. Eckert and Dr. Chrissy McAllister. Dr. Eckert and his wife Dr. Karen Eckert are, respectively, Director […]

Wellness Wednesday: Sugarcane

Cane is one of many tropical plants grown locally on Dominica and at our nature resort. Many Dominicans enjoy drinking sugarcane juice and snacking on the raw stalk. In fact, Chef Seraphine recalls her grandparents making cane juice with their own traditional cane press and using it to sweeten homemade cocoa tea. Roaslie Bay Resort Maintenance Supervisor […]

National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World: Rosalie Bay Resort Founding Member

We are thrilled to announce that Rosalie Bay Resort is a founding member of National Geographic Society’s newest foray in world-class travel experiences: National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, a collection of boutique hotels in extraordinary places around the world with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, authenticity and excellence. “These lodges share the Society’s vision of preserving […]

Wellness Wednesday: New Year Detox

After indulging in holiday treats and beverages, part of your New Year’s resolution may be to detoxify your body for a fresh start to 2015. If so, we’ve made it easy for you with a few detox tips* and a purifying juice recipe. Detox Tips Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration is one of the […]