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Wellness Wednesday: New Year Detox

After indulging in holiday treats and beverages, part of your New Year’s resolution may be to detoxify your body for a fresh start to 2015.

If so, we’ve made it easy for you with a few detox tips* and a purifying juice recipe.

Detox Tips

  • Drink plenty of water. Proper hydration is one of the fastest and easiest ways to aid your body in flushing out all the “gunk” and excess bloat.
  • Eliminate stimulants and inflammatory foods for 5 to 7 days – including caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat, dairy and meat
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables. Packed with antioxidants, they help rid the body of free radicals.
  • Cook with fresh green herbs like parsley, basil and oregano. These herbs have phytonutrients which help with detoxification.
  • Improve circulation by consuming garlic, onions and cayenne peppers
  • Drink ginger infusions by soaking a piece of ginger in hot water
  • Sleep well to regenerate your body
  • Finish your detox with a purifying juice

Purifying Drink

Purifying Juice Recipe

Blend one half of a carrot, a cucumber and a beet with one cup of water (straining is optional).

  • Carrot– Immunity booster, cardio-protective, helps with digestion and may prevent macular degeneration in the eyes
  • Cucumber– Packed with antioxidants, cooling, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects
  • Beet– Purifies the blood and detoxifies the body, and contains antioxidants important for nerve and eye health

For more healthful options, plan a visit to our wellness resort and enjoy delicious healthy meals prepared by Chef Seraphine.

*Consult with a doctor before beginning any detox program.

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