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Carnival in Dominica!

It is officially the most festive season on the Nature Island! Known as The Real Mas, Dominica’s 2015 Carnival theme is “Se Lavi Nou.”

It behoves us then to embrace our cultural tradition, take control of our lives, live responsibly, [and] build on the positive around us.” – Robert Tonge, Hon. Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal

Opening Parade

Each year, the Opening Parade kicks off the month-long celebration with a taste of festivities to come.

Queen contestants, Calypsonians, Princess Show contestants, popular bands, and the colorful collection of sensay costumes, the traditional dress of Carnival, fill the streets.

The traditional Sensay costumes and stiltwalkers of Dominica's Carnival.
The traditional Sensay costumes and stiltwalkers of Dominica’s Carnival.

Carnival Events  

Leading up to Carnival Monday (Feb. 16) and Tuesday (Feb. 17), Calypso Tents are open with lively performances and competitions. Carnival goers will elect the Calypso King who will lead the Carnival during the jump-up days.

At the same time, National Queen contestants will vie for the title of Miss Dominica who will reign as Queen of Carnival alongside the Calypso King.


Carnival reaches its highest point on February 16 and 17 with two full days of “Jump-up,” a popular Caribbean form of celebration.

Eager to celebrate, Dominicans parade through Roseau’s streets in their pajamas at 4:00 am to celebrate “J’Ouvert” (daybreak) and kick off the festivities. Beautiful, traditional costume bands will then join the revelers, filling the streets of Roseau.

If you are visiting with us during jump-up, transportation from Rosalie Bay will be available on Monday morning at 9am. Return transportation will leave Roseau at 1pm.  (US$20 per person each way)

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