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Wellness Wednesday: Coconut

Here at Rosalie Bay Resort, we believe that the best ingredients for a healthy life come from nature.

Whenever possible, we source these ingredients from our organic garden and even high up in the coconut trees for one of our favorite tropical fruits, the coconut.

CoconutTropical Icon and Superfood

The precious benefits that coconuts offer are certainly worth the daring climb to the top! Dominicans enjoy the superfood in many ways. Coconut water is renowned for being nature’s most refreshing drink, and coconut oil offers amazing results in our Gló Spa.

Coconut Water

  • Rehydrates the body with electrolytes potassium and sodium
  • Naturally replaces commercial sport drinks with similar benefits and less calories
  • Provides more potassium than a banana (660mg vs. 422mg)
  • Serves as a sweet, refreshing alternative to soda
  • Has a low sugar content for a lower glycemic index

Coconut Oil

  • Contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Moisturizes skin and conditions hair
  • Serves as a great face wash and makeup remover

At our wellness resort, coconut oil is used in massages at our new Gló Spa.

And couples who choose the Tropical Romance Package are treated to our special Vanilla-Coconut Massage Oil, a natural island aphrodisiac!

Cooking with Coconut

If you’re visiting with us this week, you will have a special opportunity to taste this delicious fruit during our Easter Sunday BBQ.

Chef Seraphine will prepare her favorite coconut cocktail and treat you with coconut delights for dessert!

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