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Rosalie Bay Resort Welcomes Judy Joyce!

Judy JoyceWe are thrilled to welcome our new activities coordinator, Judy Joyce! Judy will be leading many of our environmental and wellness initiatives, as she helps guests discover everything the Nature Island has to offer.

We have gotten to know Judy over the past few years, as she has been instrumental in NET (Nature Enhancement Team) Rosalie, our onsite conservation program to protect endangered sea turtles that nest on our beach. Judy notifies local residents and students about turtle activity, so they can come witness the amazing hatchlings alongside our guests.

Whether she is leading a hike through Petite Soufriere, teaching yoga or maintaining our organic garden, Judy says she is delighted to share her appreciation of nature with our wonderful guests.

An Active Lifestyle

This New Hampshire native is the mother to two sons, as well as grandmother to three young children. From running an international craft business, teaching snowboard lessons or instructing fitness classes, Judy has maintained quite an active lifestyle over the years.

This still holds true today. When Judy isn’t at Rosalie Bay Resort, she stays busy exploring the Nature Island, gardening, sewing and enjoying quality time with friends and neighbors.

Pursuing Her Dreams

One of Judy’s biggest accomplishments is fulfilling her childhood dream of joining the Peace Corps. For her assignment, she was placed in Dominica for a role involving ecotourism development. Dominica’s natural beauty and adventurous lifestyle quickly found a place into Judy’s heart. When her Peace Corp service concluded, she decided to stay on the Nature Island.

With her vibrant background and activities experience at another resort, Judy brings an abundance of knowledge to share with our staff and guests.

Life at Rosalie Bay Resort

With a unique location where the river meets the ocean, black-sand beaches and lush scenery, the calming ambiance of our wellness resort makes Judy feel right at home.

Welcome to the Rosalie Bay family, Judy!

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  1. Hi Judy!

    How are things going in Dominica? Have you been to Delices recently? I am working in California and would love to hear from you! That’s wonderful that you work for Rosalie Bay now. I know your personal email was hacked, but please send me your new one if possible.

    Warm wishes,

    Pamela Chiang
    RPCV 2012-2014

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thank you for your warm wishes! We have forwarded your note along to Judy, and she will be reaching out soon.

      Best regards,
      Rosalie Bay Resort

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