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A Library is Born

Great news for Dominica: Goodwill Primary School’s first library has opened! In partnership with Hands Across the Sea, we’ve helped fund this first-class lending library, and the school’s 650 students are rejoicing.

Goodwill Primary School

The library offers classics like Nancy Drew, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Clifford, as well as non-fiction books and encyclopedias. To accommodate everyone’s needs, there are a variety of books at different reading levels.

Goodwill Primary School

There’s high enthusiasm for reading in the region, but many children grow up without access to new, relevant books and a lending library. The school’s new resources will make a major impact on these kids, as literacy is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Goodwill Primary School

Dominica is one of the “World’s Best Ethical Destinations,” and our team at Rosalie Bay is committed to helping the local community thrive. We are delighted to support literacy, education and the joy of reading on the Nature Island.

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