“Shellebrating” World Turtle Day

On World Turtle Day, we had a simply magical time sharing our passion for turtles with the community. NET (Nature Enhancement Team) Director, Simon George, and Rosalie Bay Activities Coordinator, Judy Joyce, visited two local primary schools on Monday. The duo began with an overview on their relationship with sea turtles and the environment. Then, […]

Wellness Wednesday: Tree Pose

The ever-popular Tree Pose builds strength and balance, while creating a sense of stability and equilibrium. Find Your Balance Begin the pose by standing with your feet and legs lightly touching. Breathe deeply and lengthen your torso. Stabilize your feet and reach the crown of your head towards the sky. Slowly shift weight onto your […]

2016 World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day It’s the most magical time of the year in Dominica! May 23 is World Turtle Day, and we’re proud to join the global celebration and share this experience with our community. Created in 2000 by the American Tortoise Rescue, World Turtle Day is recognized around the world “to help people celebrate and protect turtles […]