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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Tree Pose

Tree PoseThe ever-popular Tree Pose builds strength and balance, while creating a sense of stability and equilibrium.

Find Your Balance

Begin the pose by standing with your feet and legs lightly touching. Breathe deeply and lengthen your torso. Stabilize your feet and reach the crown of your head towards the sky.

Slowly shift weight onto your right foot as you gently raise your left foot. Then place its sole against your right inner thigh. Press firmly and focus eyes on single, comfortable spot in front of you. Palms can be joined in front of your heart or you can raise your arms overhead, as pictured to the right. Take several deep breaths then release.

The tall and stable bamboo is often used as inspiration for yoga practices. Just as the bamboo stands perfectly stacked, your body needs to be aligned, joints over joints.

Helpful Hint: Increase the pose’s difficulty by placing your bent leg higher up. For beginners, start out at your shin and work your way up.


The Tree Pose will help clear the mind, reduce fatigue and strengthen muscles, organs and joints. Routine yoga also has surprising benefits—It can boost your immune system, ease migraines and even improve sleep.

We hope to welcome you to our morning yoga classes on the gazebo. With regular practice, you’ll improve your balance, breathing technique and overall health. Contact us or visit the Front Desk during your stay to reserve your mat!

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