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Wellness Wednesday: Dasheen

What is dasheen?

Dasheen is the most common form of taro root and is a local staple here on the Nature Island. Grown in abundance, its popularity continues to grow in health-conscious cultures and regions, including at our wellness resort. At Zamaan, Chef Seraphine uses this nutritious root for dasheen chips, balls and puffs, and she creates a creamed dish, similar in appearance to mashed potatoes.

To further increase its production on our island, 25 agricultural specialists in Dominica received training on the dasheen’s post-harvest treatment, handling and packaging this past October.

Its leaves and roots can be used naturally as dietary ingredients, but the plant itself cannot be consumed raw. In fact, it is actually toxic due to its high content of oxalates, and must be cooked with baking soda or soaked overnight.

Dasheen at Rosalie Bay ResortHarvest, Peel, Cook

With a a wealth of organic compounds and essential vitamins, this root offers great nutritional value. For an added bonus, there are also numerous health benefits.


  • Improves skin health
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Lowers risk of developing diabetes, lung and oral cancer
  • Prevents bloating and cramps
  • Improves vision
  • Boosts blood circulation

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