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2017 Turtle Updates

It’s the most magical time of year on Dominica: turtle season. While this season has been a bit slower than 2016’s record-breaking year, there have still been plenty of exciting events and memorable experiences.

A Warm Rosalie Welcome

The first turtle of the season arrived on our black sand beach on March 22. The first turtle was a leatherback, and her arrival officially commemorated the start of turtle season.

Leatherback at Rosalie Bay Resort

So far, we’ve welcomed 12 leatherbacks and 3 hawksbills. Everyone is eagerly waiting the arrival of the season’s first green sea turtle.

New Beginnings

A few years ago, we placed a tracking tag on a 1,000 pound sea turtle and were excited to welcome her back this year to nest seven times (in 10-day intervals). Her eggs were the first to hatch this year, and 39 baby sea turtles emerged on their own.

Two days later, on June 11, we performed the season’s first excavation. As part of this process, our turtle expert Simon digs up the nest. Then, he carefully inspects each egg to ensure no turtle is left behind. Two special helpers assisted him, and together, they rescued nine more hatchlings!

2017 Turtle Season's First Hatchling Release at Rosalie Bay Resort

We were excited to share this special experience with 22 guests, and they witnessed the hatchlings out to sea!

On average, it takes 1,000 eggs to create one adult sea turtle. At Rosalie Bay, it’s our mission to ensure every egg is protected and has the potential to reach its full term. We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and efforts as we work to increase our sea turtle survival rates. Protecting these gentle giants and emerging hatchlings adds a new element to your vacation that is unforgettable and simply magical.

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