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Rosalie Bay Resort Introduces 5 New Spa Treatments

After a day of hiking and adventures, opt for a soothing treatment at Gló Spa. Situated along the peaceful Rosalie River, Gló  Spa offers relaxing and rejuvenating treatments from head to toe using the highest quality natural skin care products and offering farm-to-spa-table treatments. Choose from our signature selection, or try one of our 5 new offerings below!

Bamboo Massage

The traditional healing properties of bamboo are enhanced with heated bamboo cane for a full-body treatment. Benefits experienced include improved sleep, pain relief, toxin removal, lymphatic drainage and mental clarity. (1 hour, $85)

Rosalie Bay Resort SpaRosalie Traditional Herb Bath

Local herbs harvested throughout the surrounding villages are gathered and steeped in the fresh boiling water creating a healing hydro therapeutic bath. (30 minutes, $50)

Sun Sunshine Skin Gló

Refresh your skin with the coolness and healing of a medicinal blend of gloricida, aloe, cucumber, sea salt and coconut oil. (1 hour, $80)

Tropical Wrap

Hydrate, detoxify and refresh your body with the luscious sensations of watermelon, cucumber, aloe and lemon blended with coconut oil. (1 hour, $85)

Foot Reflexology

The ancient healing art of reflexology, combined with natural healing oil and a gentle foot massage, relives stress aliments throughout the body. (30 minutes, $50)

Which new treatment do you want to try? Tell us in a comment below!


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