A romantic honeymoon on Dominica

It’s more than being able to disconnect from the outside world and refocus on the one you love. There’s something magical here that awakens the senses, makes your heart beat stronger and love more powerful.

  • Rolling waves from the sea create a soothing soundtrack for your romantic vacation or honeymoon
  • Sweet scents of tropical lilies and hibiscus fill the air as you walk hand-in-hand along winding trails
  • Hikes under rainforest canopies to secluded waterfalls and grottoes increase blood flow
  • Twinkling stars and moonlight, dancing on the waves of the water, invite you to linger together with an after-dinner drink
  • Breathtaking sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean invite a quiet time to cuddle on your balcony or our secluded black sand beach

Romance at Rosalie Bay

To celebrate your romantic vacation or honeymoon on Dominica, we suggest:

  • A relaxing couple’s massage at our riverfront Gló Spa
  • Guided tours of Dominica for memorable moments together