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Victoria Falls & Glasse Bay

$96 per person


The trailhead for Victoria Falls greets you after a 30 minute drive south down the coast to the village of Delices. The hike is a moderate one — relatively short but challenging. 30-40 minutes on the trail takes you upstream along the river, crossing five times scurrying over boulders.

The 60 foot waterfall embodies the “Faces of Maroons” and provides a refreshing pool for swimming in the grotto below. Multiple sulphur pools are traversed and provide perfect stopping spots for those wishing to refrain from rock climbing. The Rastafarians have an Ital Restaurant at the entrance of the trail where food may be purchased.

On the return trip to the resort, about ten minutes north of Delices, the Glasi trailhead is reached. The mile long gentle path meanders through farmland and down through the rain forest, alongside a stream. Gorgeous views of sea cliffs, breaking surf and teal ocean offer breathtaking photos. Pass along side volcanic stone “sculptures” that lead to the rock jetty with three bathing pools. This has always been a favorite fishing spot for locals. Bird enthusiasts may witness nesting on the adjacent L’Islet and view Martinique in the background.

Bring towel, water shoes, hiking shoes or sneakers. Need balance skills as rocks can be unstable. Packed lunch available for purchase.