Month: February 2023

Sustainable Tourism Award 2023

At Rosalie Bay Eco Resort & Spa, sustainability is at the core of our purpose and mission. From harnessing sustainable energy, recycling, protecting endangered sea turtles, and more, saving the planet is part of our day-to-day efforts.  We are thrilled […]

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Turtle Season: An Experience to Remember at Rosalie Bay Eco Resort & Spa

Every year, from March to October, something magical happens at Rosalie Bay Eco Resort & Spa. It’s turtle season, and we’re excited to share this experience with you. Our resort was built on a turtle nesting beach in Dominica, and […]

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Natural Lotions by Jaydee’s Natural

Rosalie Bay Eco Resort & Spa, an eco-conscious resort in Dominica, has teamed up with a local cosmetic company, Jaydee’s Natural, to create a line of natural, organic hand lotions for its guests. This collaboration is a reflection of the […]

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