9 Tips for a Perfect Dominica Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the first of many romantic experiences you’ll share as Mr. & Mrs. If you’re seeking a spontaneous getaway, active vacation or relaxing holiday, we can accommodate your every need at Rosalie Bay. With Dominica’s luscious landscapes and exotic excursions, you and your significant other will partake in the adventure of a lifetime.

Below are our top tips for ensuring your romantic vacation is simply magical.

1. Toast to Love

At turn-down, island aphrodisiacs will be delivered to your room. The magical medicinal Bois Bande Bush Rum is sure to put you in a romantic mood. Before you leave, visit the gift shop to stock up on this sultry souvenir and keep your fire ignited once you’ve returned home.

Bush Rum

2. Create The Perfect Kiss

Head to Dominica’s East Coast for a short hike to Victoria Falls, one of the island’s most impressive waterfalls. As the water plummets into the large pool below, stand in the spray for a passionate kiss.

Victoria Falls

3. Work up a Sweat

Travel off the beaten path with a steamy excursion to Boiling Lake, the second largest boiling lake in the world. The dense tropical forest offers certain romantic charm you truly can’t find anywhere else. As you hike the challenging trails together, you’ll admire one another’s accomplishment and drive.

Boiling Lake

4. Dine Riverside

The gentle river, shining stars and lantern lighting provides the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening meal. Reconnect over a glass of wine and delicious cuisine with our private two-to-share dinner.

Riverside Dining

5. Witness a Sea Turtle

The special sight of a turtle nesting or hatching will be a memory you and your loved one will cherish together for the rest of your lives. For those eager to expand their family or take marriage to the next level, consider adopting a sea turtle together!

Turtle Hatchling PC Randy Kerr

6. Stay Balanced

Trying a new activity together is a revitalizing way to strengthen your connection. Yoga teaches you self awareness, patience and balance, and these skills will transfer into other aspects of your relationship.


7. Relax in a Hot Bath

Visit the village of Soufriere for a soothing hot bath at Bubble Beach Spa. The fantastic view of Scott’s Head sets the mood for you to enjoy the sulphur springs’ bubbling sensation. You’ll find this experience to be calming, therapeutic and most importantly, romantic.

Bubble Beach Spa

8. Be Pampered

Enjoy a side-by-side massage in our enchanting couples room, which is sure to leave you starry-eye. Or, opt for the ultimate relaxation with our soothing hydrotherapy treatments.


9. Relax & Reconnect

Let time stand still as you find an isolated place to enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature and fall into deep conversation with your loved one. As you continue to learn about each other, you’ll only grow closer.

Oceanfront Suite

As you embark on this journey and begin life’s next chapter, we hope the memories you create are simply magical.

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