Construction underway for new spa

If you have visited Rosalie Bay Resort recently, you may have noticed the construction taking place along the Rosalie River.

To complement our expanding wellness resort offerings, we are creating a new Kalinago Spa. The new spa is expected to open by the end of 2012. In the meantime, our current oceanfront Kalinago Spa will continue to provide soothing treatments to guests.

Our new Dominica spa will be larger than the current spa and ideally nestled along the edge of the Rosalie River (across from the fitness center). Tranquil sounds of the river flowing out to sea will be relaxing background music for the natural treatments.

Similar to the facilities at our eco-luxury resort, the spa is being built by hand by locals and will use local, recycled and earth-friendly materials. The grounds have been cleared and the foundation was poured today (see below).

Check out more photos on Facebook and stay tuned for updates on the spa’s construction.











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