Creole Season 2013

Creole is a special time of year on Dominica as the entire country celebrates its independence from Great Britain. For a full four weeks leading up to our National Day of Independence on November 3, Dominican traditions come alive through colorful displays of the island’s culture.

This Creole season has much in store for locals, visitors and our resort guests as we celebrate 35 years of Independence. Special events, such as Heritage Day and Creole Day, will showcase Dominican traditions through national dress, food, music and more.

Celebrate at Rosalie Bay

To get everyone in the Creole spirit, special events and activities will take place here at Rosalie Bay. On Friday, October 25, the day before Creole Day,Rosalie Bay will host a Creole lunch offering guests traditional specialties such as Callaloo stew and crab. Entertainment will be provided in the form of cultural performances by our talented staff as well as a youth cultural group from the nearby village of Grand Fond.

Creole Day is the most colorful day of the year on Dominica, as traditional outfits are worn by all. In preparation for the event, our female guests will learn about the national dress of Dominican women including how to tie the “tete cassie,” the traditional headpiece worn by Dominican women. Each guest will receive their own stylish headpiece to wear on Creole Day and bring home as a souvenir.

Celebrate on Dominica

For many, a highlight of Creole season is the World Creole Music Festival. This year’s event, which marks the 17th year of the festival, is scheduled for October 25 – 27.

To honor Dominica’s Caribbean flair, the three-day event will provide attendants with musical entertainment from a line-up of talented artists and lively rhythms.

Celebrate Creole season with us at Rosalie Bay and make your reservations today!

Rosalie Bay Resort owner Beverly, adorned in Creole wear, celebrates the 2012 Creole season.
Rosalie Bay Resort owner Beverly, adorned in Creole wear, celebrates the 2012 Creole season.

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