Dominica Tour Spotlight: Hike to Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake on Dominica is one of the most popular, and advanced, hikes for adventure travelers. (One of the other advanced hikes on Dominica, though not as famous, is Bolive Falls. Oscar and journalist Jeanine Barone attempted this adventurous hike last spring.)

Boiling Lake is named by US News & World Report among the top 5 things to do on Dominica, and award-winning journalist and adventure seeker Jill K. Robinson says that the hike to Dominica’s Boiling Lake is “well worth the trip.”

This famous hike can take anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. A Virtual Dominica has an in-depth review of each segment and what to expect, including tips on what to pack for the hike.

Guests who would like to test their endurance and hike to Boiling Lake can arrange a tour with the Front Desk. A tour guide is highly recommended for this adventure.

Wellness Coordinator Laura Lund and Carina, a resort guest from Germany, accomplished the Boiling Lake hike earlier this week. The two went with tour guide Jonathon, who is 52 and has hiked the trail 75 times. The two accomplished the feat with a time of 3 hours and 45 minutes one way, and 3 hours and 50 minutes on the return.

Laura comments, “By the end of the trail, my legs were shaking and my feet were cramping. The next morning, my muscles were stiff and sore.” The hike is not only a major accomplishment for adventure travelers and a big workout, but it also helps improve balance.

One of Laura’s favorite things about the hike, in addition to the view itself, are the warm springs along the way for you to soak and relax a bit.

Carina adds, “The greatest thing about this hike is the way that you approach the Boiling Lake. It starts with a pleasant walk through the rainforest until you reach the first plateau where there is an amazing view of the mountains and valleys. Then you come to the Valley of Desolation and see the first clouds of steam from the lake and hear it bubble. This all builds up to the reason for the hike – the view of the Boiling Lake.”

What’s the best thing to do after a hike to Boiling Lake? Relish in the journey, while your muscles recover, on a relaxing day at the beach, spa or our saltwater pool.

View photos of Laura and Carina’s journey below or view the Boiling Lake in this video.


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