Excavation rescues baby leatherback sea turtles

Earlier this week, 28 baby leatherback sea turtles were rescued during a hatchling excavation of a nest. With a little help from guests, all hatchlings made it out to sea. The efforts were captured in the two videos below.

The excavation, led by sea turtle expert Simon George and the volunteer organization NET Rosalie (Nature Enhancement Team), is conducted two days after the hatchlings depart the nest on their own. This has been proven to be the perfect time frame for the best success rate, allowing the undeveloped sea turtles extra time to complete their growth.

During the excavation, Simon digs the nest to rescue any live hatchlings as well as recover any shell remains. The data is recorded and used in international research.

The nest excavated was relocated to the turtle hatchery 70 days ago (nests that are laid too close to the ocean are moved to the hatchery to avoid being washed out to sea).

A few dozen nests will be emerging in the near future and another hatchling excavation is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, July 25 at 6 p.m.

Sign up with the Front Desk to witness and assist in this wonderful effort.

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