First Turtles Arrive & Season Cleaning

Sea turtle season is officially underway at Rosalie Bay Resort with the first visit from our favorite four-legged creatures.

Leatherback Nestings

Just last week, two giant Leatherback sea turtles arrived late in the evening to nest on our shore. Both turtles made their mark on our black sand beach, leaving their tracks and a combined 160 fertile eggs. In approximately 60-70 days the tiny hatchlings will emerge and begin their journey at sea.

Beach Clean-Up

Leatherback Sea Turtle Tracks at Rosalie Bay Resort on DominicaTo prepare for more arriving turtles, Rosalie Bay recently hosted its first beach clean-up of the season. Staff members of our eco-resort joined forces to clean-up the beach where turtles nest. Six heavy waste bags of items that have washed ashore were filled and properly disposed.

Improper disposal and treatment of waste can have a negative effect on the environment. Even the smallest debris can impact a hatchling’s journey out to the sea. By reusing, reducing and recycling waste, sea turtles are more likely to have a safe nesting and hatching experience and return to our beach to nest in the future.

Throughout turtle season, Rosalie Bay will continue to host beach clean-ups on a regular basis in an effort to preserve the environment for our guests, the public and the turtles.

Visit Rosalie Bay between now and October to help in our sea turtle conservation efforts and have a chance to see a nesting turtle or hatchling.

Beach Clean-Up at Rosalie Bay Resort on Dominica      Beach Clean-Up at Rosalie Bay Resort on Dominica


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