Meet our Sea Turtle Expert, Simon George

Simon George, Sea Turtle Expert, Rosalie Bay Resort, DominicaSimon is actually much more than a sea turtle expert. He’s a certified tour guide, teacher, agronomist (soil specialist) and serves as President of the Nature Enhancement Team (NET) at Rosalie, which is a volunteer position with the community group.

In his role at NET, Simon oversees all of the sea turtle conservation activities. This includes patrolling the beach, collecting data, providing educational tours for visitors, and promoting conservation in local schools and communities. If a nest needs to be relocated because it is too close to the sea, Simon will create a replica of the mother’s nest – it actually requires quite a lot of digging!

Simon was born and raised in one of the three villages that emerged from the Rosalie plantation on Dominica. He has decades of experience in agriculture and agronomy, and has been involved with the sea turtle program at Rosalie since 2005.

“I love soils, but I love turtles even more,” comments Simon. “They are amazing creatures, and I love sharing my knowledge about these endangered animals with others.”

Simon shares his knowledge in educational walks along the beach during sea turtle season. Sign up at the Front Desk to join him and learn more about these gentle giants and the conservation efforts at Rosalie.

Simon George, World Turtle Day, Dominica

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