Start of Sea Turtle Season!

March is here, which means sea turtle season has begun! Each year three species of endangered sea turtles, Green, Hawksbill and the giant Leatherback, travel thousands of miles to nest on the protected beach of Rosalie Bay.

Sea turtle season, which lasts through October, is always an exciting time to visit our nature resort. Last year alone there were a total of 64 nests with hundreds of tiny hatchlings on our black sand beach. We are excited to see what the 2014 season has in store for our shore and anxiously await the first nesting turtles – the Leatherback species are always first to arrive.

Watching a giant sea turtle crawl ashore to nest or hatchlings smaller than baby’s footprint scurry across the sand to the sea are vacation memories that are truly unforgettable.

Daytime sea turtle nesting at Rosalie Bay Resort on Dominica Rosalie Bay Resort guests witness sea turtle hatchlings on the black sand beach.






We invite you to join our sea turtle conservation efforts by helping patrol the beach to protect nesting turtles, aid researchers in collecting data or relocating nests that are too close to the ocean to the turtle hatchery, or being “on call” for when baby sea turtles emerge and make their way out to sea.

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We look forward to sharing these simply magical moments with you and follow us on Facebook for updates throughout sea turtle season.

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