2022 Turtle Predictions

Turtle season is in full swing here at Rosalie Bay Eco Resort on the Nature Island of Dominica. There have already been many nests laid, and the Nature Enhancement Team (NET) is busy keeping the nests safe to ensure as many tiny turtles hatch and make it to sea.

Leatherbacks will continue to nest through July, with nests usually 10-12 days apart. Turtles can nest up to 8 times in a season, with approximately 100 eggs per nest. The hatchlings will emerge around 65-70 days after nesting and excavations are done 1-2 days after emergence.

Hatching Calendar

  • First Projected Excavation May 16-19 Adopted Turtle “Too Late” V1 Hatchery
  • Second Projected Excavation May 27-30 Adopted Turtle “Hartley” 2 Hatchery
  • Third Excavation (Suspected) June 4-6 (Not in Hatchery A2)
  • Fourth Excavation June 8-10 Adopted Turtle “Hartley” V3 Hatchery
  • Fifth Excavation June 18-20 V4 Hatchery WC13912/17816 New
  • Sixth Excavation June 18-20 “Hartley” A1 not relocated
  • Seventh Excavation June 27-29 A2 WC17816/13912
  • Eighth Excavation June 27-29 V5 WC17809/1781

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