Our Organic Garden

Dominica is a nature-lover’s paradise, and at Rosalie Bay, we enhance that experience with our organic garden. Whether you are simply enjoying a relaxing stroll through our grounds or participating in our weekly garden tour, you’ll appreciate this 1.5-acre oasis.

Our on-property garden produces fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. We’re currently growing basil, rosemary, assorted lettuce, chive, nutmeg, cinnamon, guava, banana, coconut, almonds, pineapple, sea grape, lime, oranges, plaintain, and papaya, just to name a few.

Fresh Fruit at Rosalie Bay Resort

Health Benefits

Our Activities Coordinator, Judy Joyce, regularly guides guests through our garden, sharing unique information and health benefits about our organic vegetation, medicinal herbs and compost.

While item in our garden has something unique to offer, below are some highlights of popular garden ingredients:

  • Basil: This leafy herb is considered to be a blood tonic and immune booster. It also is used medicinally as a safe, effective treatment for many common ailments.
  • Coconuts: Coconut water is nature’s most refreshing drink and plentiful at Rosalie Bay.  It re-hydrates the body with electrolytes potassium and sodium and has low sugar content.
  • Limes: Limes are loaded with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C. When added to water, this sour citrus can vastly improve your digestive track.
  • Bananas: In addition to being the perfect complement to any meal, the fruit and peel of the banana offer numerous benefits. Use the inside of the peel to reduce swelling and itching from mosquito bites, or minimize stress with the banana’s high potassium that regulates the body’s water balance.

Reusing our Resources

We’ve been busy cleaning our beach to prepare for turtle season. As part of the process, we collect grass and driftwood, which is later burned. Then, the charcoal and ash are collected to use for compost in our garden!

Gardener Joel at Rosalie Bay


While we currently produce most ingredients for our Dominica restaurant, we also obtain fresh foods from the local farmer’s market. Our organic garden will continue to expand on our 22-acre property. Our goal is to eventually grow all the herbs, fruits and vegetables that are used for preparing meals at Zamaan.

Garden-to-Table at RBR

To set up a Garden Tour with Judy, simply express interest at the Front Desk during your stay. We hope to welcome you soon for some fresh, organic meals at our wellness resort!

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