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Wellness Wednesday: Star Fruit Shines this Season

Weekly tips to bring island-inspired wellness into your everyday life from Rosalie Bay Resort wellness coordinator Laura Lund.

Carambola also known as star fruit is currently in season on the island of Dominica. The fruit, which grows on trees found throughout the island and Rosalie Bay Resort, comes in sweet or sour varieties.

Rich in antioxidants, potassium and Vitamin C, but low in sugar, this fruit makes a beautiful addition to any dish or salad while boosting the immune system. Star fruit can also be used to make jam, juice or enjoyed straight from the tree – which is how many Dominicans eat the fruit.

Look for star fruit on the menu at Zamaan or up in the trees, then eat and enjoy!


Star fruit, Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica

Mato in Star Fruit Tree, Rosalie Bay Resort
Mato climbs the Star Fruit tree to get a fresh snack.





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