6 Tips for a Year of Wellness

A new year means new resolutions. Below are Rosalie Bay Resort‘s top tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle in the new year!

  • 1. Be Active

Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days a week. Exercise doesn’t have to be tedious—Find something fun to try like a new hiking trail or yoga.

An Active Lifestyle

  • 2. Stay Hydrated

Water should always be the first thing you reach for when you’re thirsty, aiming for 6-8 cups per day. For a special Dominican treat that will still keep you hydrated, consider healthy beverages like sorrel juice. Loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and calcium, this delightful drink is sure to boost your immune system.

Sorrel Juice

  • 3. Wear a Pedometer

Routinely wearing a pedometer encourages you to walk about an extra mile each day, which helps with weight loss and lowering blood pressure. Don’t believe it? Just ask Rosalie Bay Resort’s active owners Bev & Oscar—they have a daily competition for who can get the “most steps.”

Bev and Oscar

  • 4. Eat Mindfully

Eat smaller meals throughout the day, and incorporate a variety of colors into your meals. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables—they have lots of nutrients, but are low in calories.

Healthy Options at Rosalie Bay

  • 5. Treat Yourself

After completing a big project or reaching a milestone, it’s important to recognize your achievements. Rewarding yourself doesn’t necessarily mean indulging in unhealthy treats, but more so pampering yourself, like with a relaxing spa treatment. Not only will you feel rejuvenated, you’ll receive many positive health benefits when receiving a massage or facial.

RBR Spa Treatment

  • 6. Try Something New

Say “yes” to an unknown adventure in the new year. Whether you travel somewhere new, try meditation or prepare a new dish, there are certainly new passions to be discovered in 2016.


Even when you’re on vacation, we encourage you to stay active! Our wellness and eco-boutique is the perfect vacation spot for you to dine, explore and experience new activities, while sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

How will you stay balanced next year? Leave your own tips in the comment section below!


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