Wellness Wednesday: Cocoa for the New Year

A Natural Body Glow for the New Year

Do your resolutions for the New Year include taking better care of your skin to attain that natural, healthy glow? Indulge in cocoa and let your skin reap the rewards. Grown locally in Dominica, cocoa’s active minerals and antioxidants offer countless benefits for your skin and heart.

Benefits of Cocoa

Cocoa tea is a popular drink on Dominica not only for its delicious flavor, but also for its many health benefits. The benefits of cocoa come from cocoa flavanols, nutrients found in nature and in the cocoa bean. Cocoa powder also contains many minerals including calcium, potassium and zinc. 

Ground Cocoa Powder at Rosalie Bay Resort
  • Flavanols increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure, which allows nutrients to better travel throughout the body
  • The high antioxidant content of cocoa (higher than that of green tea) helps to repair skin cells
  • Cocoa butter, rich in Vitamin E and highly moisturizing, has anti-aging properties and may help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • High levels of caffeine and theobromine found in cocoa solids may help reduce the appearance of cellulite and puffiness and firm the skin

You can find these benefits in cocoa powder and dark chocolate with at least 65% cocoa content.

Cocoa at Rosalie

Our nature resort is the perfect place to experience the benefits of natural cocoa.

Local cocoa tea is served for breakfast each morning, and we encourage you to try our rejuvenating Cocoa body Gló at our Gló spa. The fresh, local handcrafted cocoa tea we use helps tone the skin and is mixed with sea salt, coconut oil, and local plants such as basil and lime. This natural treatment includes a body exfoliation followed by a shower and full-body hydration that makes your skin glow.


Cocoa Glow_edited

Cocoa Body Gló treatment at Rosalie Bay Resort’s Gló Spa

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