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Month: April 2016

Earth Day 2016 at Rosalie Bay Resort

Friday, April 22 is Earth Day, and we’re gearing up for a celebration of our environmental treasures! For its 46th year, the world will join forces to celebrate the Earth’s natural beauty and valuable resources. While Earth Day is one […]

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Our Organic Garden

Dominica is a nature-lover’s paradise, and at Rosalie Bay, we enhance that experience with our organic garden. Whether you are simply enjoying a relaxing stroll through our grounds or participating in our weekly garden tour, you’ll appreciate this 1.5-acre oasis. […]

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Recipe: Rosalie Bay’s Veggie Burger

Chickpea-Bamboo Brown Rice Veggie Burger Bamboo offers many health benefits, and we are pleased to introduce you to Chef Seraphine’s latest vegetarian delight! Enjoy an appetizing burger at Zamaan after a day of adventure on the Nature Island, or create […]

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A “Simply Magical” Start to Turtle Season

March marks the beginning of turtle season in Dominica, and we are pleased to share there has already been lots of turtle activity. In preparation for this season, we’ve been very attentive with our beach clean-up. We’ve even had guests […]

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Wellness Wednesday: Bamboo

As you explore the Nature Island, our tall green grass is likely to catch your attention. Bamboo is quite abundant on Dominica and also the world’s fastest-growing and tallest grass. This natural treasure is used for construction, furniture, cooking, clothing, […]

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